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Beast Health: B10


This is our bread & butter, attacking mature industries with ground-up thinking and fresh timeless design.


Best-in-class blending performance was achieved by asking "why," then redesigning our vessels with 12 internal ribs that out perform the competition.


Thoughtfully designed, front-to-back, inside and out. The Beast is 18000rpm fast, 1000W strong, with a quiet Aluminum housing and a blade crafted from 301 Stainless Steel.




Temperature Sensor

An industry first, the B10 monitors internal temperature to avoid overheating and blending of hot liquids.


A Blade with a Brain

The B10 monitors its blade speed, making adjustments to maintain optimum speed and torque.


Electronic Interlock System

Confirms that the vessel, blade assembly, and blender base are all securely connected before it will begin blending.

Designed to last


Our favorite projects are the ones that give us a chance to bring long-lasting products to the market. We avoid fad and the details that may conflict with the environments these products are meant to live in for years to come.


There is a language that says longevity and should be used to communicate a well made product.


Less but better.